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Why Space Saving is the Future for Homes?

As our population grows and the need for housing is increasing, you would realize a significant change: “Why are houses getting smaller?”.

If we compare the size of a 5-room-flat in the 1990s, the size ranges from 120sqm to 125sqm. This is enough room for a family of 5! This brings us back to the present where a 5-room-flat is only 105sqm which is inclusive of 17sqm of air-con ledge and balcony. This leaves only 88sqm of living space. This is smaller than a 4-room-flat back in the 1990s! (Credit:

This also begs the question of why can’t HDB or Developers just build bigger houses? The answer is simple: Demand. More people need houses when compared to the 1990s. With the space constraints that our country has, we will have to make do with sacrificing some living space. Is this something you should be worried about?

Fret not! There are multiple ways to create space: Wall Beds (Murphy Beds), Folding Furnitures and Multifunctional Furnitures to name a few!

To find out more about these furniture, visit our website at to view our collection of Wall Beds. Find us via WhatsApp at 8856 6257 or Email at!

May your space-saving journey awaits you, cheers!


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