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What are Wall Beds?

Wall Beds, also known as Murphy Beds, are beds that hinged against a wooden cabinet and flushed towards a wall. Murphy Beds have existed since the turn of the century with the simple design to store and hide beds to make way for space. Murphy Beds are a common staple for Americans especially in small compact areas such as New York City.

Safety has long been the common topic of discussion when it comes to Wall Beds. This came about from safety issues such as beds falling on people and other defects which lead to serious injuries. However, with progressions in technology and research, wall beds have evolved to be reliable and safe. With our products, safety is a guarantee due to the silent opening and closing mechanism. The beds will ascend and descend slowly and will halt when it makes contact with anything.

About Amazing Space

Amazing Space Solutions was set up in 2021 with a vision to improve people’s homes through space-saving. As new houses come up with decreasing space, we realize the need to offer people space-saving solutions.

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