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People of Amazing Space - Mr Sanusi

New Space, New Possibilities: Mr Sanusi (second from left), and his family are exploring the new wonders of space-saving solutions. (Photo by: Sham)

Mr Sanusi is a family man with three daughters and a loving wife. Working long hours to support his family is a normal affair for him. Thus, a good night’s sleep is integral for Mr Sanusi and his wife, Mdm Siti. They have been looking for space-saving solutions to accommodate their master bedroom and give them more space without eliminating the quality of their beds.

Here at Amazing Space, we offer our customers quality and affordable wall beds to suit their space-saving needs and give them a well-deserved good night’s rest without the worry of cramped rooms and little space. With the Queen Vertical with Desk and Shelf, Mr Sanusi and Mdm Siti can enjoy the benefit of a desk and a shelf for working and decorative purposes.